A huge thank you to everyone who helped out with the Ukraine backpack drive! We started out with 55 empty backpacks and ended up with 13 large boxes of full backpacks and a bunch of extra supplies! It took us a while to get them all packed up and sent out, but we finally got … Continue reading Backpacks!

A Burden For The Impossible

"It all starts with a burden for the impossible," the Pastor of Selah Fellowship in Whitefish, Montana had said one Sunday morning. That resonated with me, you see, for as long as I can remember I have longed to do the impossible. I think most probably see me as a daydreamer, but from as far … Continue reading A Burden For The Impossible

After a fairly whirlwind summer, we finally find ourselves in Kagarlyk, knee-deep in our Ukrainian adventure. Having occupied ourselves overmuch in Montana, with new apartment flooring and Dickinson's own Ukrainian festival worked into the mix, we have had roughly nine straight weeks of only mildly productive busy-ness, wherein this particular blog was left woefully untended. … Continue reading