Not Forgotten

I can’t imagine what circumstances led the boys to where they are now. I don’t know what they have seen, heard or endured. Somewhere down the line something went awry and brokenness ensued. My mind wonders as too what all must have taken place to begin this tragedy. It is hard to image the chain of events that paved the path that led them to go to sleep every night without being kissed good night by a loving parent or some one to call when they have had a bad dream. How long have they been in the orphanage unseen, unknown? All I know is that i adore them and I just met them. More importantly God sees them, loves them and knows them by name, even in their darkest hour God was there. We must not forget that God is near the brokenhearted, the faint of heart, before I ever saw their precious faces God saw them. Not once have they been forgotten by God who loves and cares for them. He cares for them so much that He brought their precious smiles to the attention of a small family just living life all the way in Dickinson North Dakota.


As the boys made their way back to Ukraine, I will now be updating you all on our summer adventures and our next steps in orphan care. Please continue to pray for our family and these sweet boys.






One thought on “Not Forgotten

  1. Hi! We are bringing our twin 14 year old girls home as well from Ukraine – we just got home from our first trip. We are in Rapid City, SD but I have a brother in Dickinson, ND! I’d love to connect with you folks!


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