When the Church Shows Up

A lot has happened since we last blogged. We now have our team together for our trip to Ukraine. And God has been faithful.

Back in October we were able to share our needs for a fundraiser called “Backpacks for Ukraine.” You want to know what? You all showed up! God used you each in a mighty way, whether it be through encouragement, prayer, finances, or donating. You all showed up. These kids were blessed by your giving and we thank God for you. We had thirteen boxes total packed to the brim and overflowing with warm hats and gloves, socks and underwear, toothbrushes and toothpaste, pens and notebooks. It was more than we could ever have imagined.

The backpacks made their way to the kids at the JAM program that is run by the Heritage Foundation in Odessa Ukraine. These children are at risk of being taken into government-run facilities due to difficult situations at home. It could be drug or alcohol abuse within the home, neglect, or poverty. The reality is that there about 106,000 orphans in Ukraine. Do you know how many are true orphans? Only about 8,000! This tells me that there about 98,000 children who have parents or family members who potentially could care for them. The JAM programs cares for these kids and tries to work with families to make sure that these children are having their needs met and that they are being cared for in their homes to prevent them from having to go to an orphanage.

Again, we shared a need that we will be heading to Ukraine this summer to serve with Operation Mobilization alongside the Heritage foundation. People again donated, encouraged, prayed, and showed up. People have donated their time and talents. We had a wreath fundraiser, and I had never made a wreath in my life. People have used their businesses to fundraise for us and you all showed up to shop for a cause. We were asked to make capes for the theatrical themed kids camp we will be at this summer and guess what I have never sewn in my life and you all showed up and shared your talents and made sure all 40 capes were made. We invited you all to come eat for a cause and guess what you all showed up. One last event April 18th was painting for a cause, I have never canvas painted before in my life, but again someone gave their time and talent and once again you all showed up. It is truly a blessing to watch as God moves the hearts of the people! God really is amazing! We just want to say thank you for showing up!


Lots and lots of Christmas wreaths!



Pizza Ranch fundraiser. Just a few of the great supporters who showed up!



Three quarters of our team showing off the capes for the camp we will be serving at. This year’s theme is Lord of the Rings! From left: myself, Joan Kelly, and Rhonda Krogh.



My first ever painting! I had a blast making it!

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