Backpacks! (part 2)

It is time for some updating. We started a fundraiser back in October called Backpacks for Ukraine. We started with 55 empty backpacks that turned into 13 giant boxes overflowing with supplies and gifts for the children at the Heritage Foundation located in Odessa Ukraine. With the bad weather and a few holidays in between, the packs finally made it in early January. While this may seem like a bad thing to have missed Christmas, I feel it necessary to share that Christmas in Ukraine falls after the New Year and takes place on January 7th which means the packs arrived in perfect timing for winter camps. We wanted to share some photos of these precious kiddos and again extend many thanks to all those who made this possible through their many donations. You guys gave abundantly beyond what we could have hoped or imagined. Thank you for being part of serving the least of these and being a light in the darkness and showing God’s love to those in need.



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