A Long Overdue Update

Well, it has been quite a while. Why? Certainly not because life has stopped happening or that our love for Ukraine has swayed! We are continuing to wrestle with what capacity we may be used or how we may serve the Ukrainian people. As we come up on a year later, I thought I should send a note out there about life and what we have been up to. 

First, the kids have not stopped growing. We have another school year gone; my son Wylie graduated preschool and sweet Priscilla is well on her way to being a middle schooler. That means this mama now has two kids in school! Where does the time go? We have been thrown into an amazing number activities with our kiddos: Judo, t-ball, gymnastics, VBS, and soon again our kids will be participating in Ukrainian camp.

For myself, I still have a year of school left and I am doing my best to finish well. My degree will be in International Agriculture Business. I have one desire and that it to serve those in need, to be a voice for the voiceless, and to give those in need practical resources to build and engage their culture with the love of Jesus. As some of you may know, when we went to Ukraine we were able to visit Calvary Chapel Kaharlyk, which has partnered with Operation Mobilization. As we have mentioned, one of the thing that really drew us to Ukraine was this church, and it was wonderful to see how they are currently creating jobs to minister to the community in a very real way. Prior to going we studied through a book at church called When Helping Hurts. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to help those in need. Recently, I watched a documentary on Netflix called Poverty, inc. I believe it was supporting what I had read in When Helping Hurts.

Another wonderful opportunity we had was to head down to Odessa and visit another facet of Operation Mobilization which is orphan care. If you have any interest in loving on the fatherless I would highly suggest you look into opportunities to serve at this wonderful camp that is faithfully raising up churches to serve within orphanages in Odessa region, run summer and winter camps, serve those at risk, refugees and as well as foster and adoptive families. http://nasledieukraine.blogspot.com/

And what about sweet Ben you might ask? Well, he has been working his tail off, and I mean that literally: my poor guy has been working so hard that he actually herniated a disk. OUCH is all I can say!! No one likes to see their husband in pain but this guy has been a real trooper, he has been out of work for almost two months in constant pain. I sure do love my husband, but he is getting so restless to get back to work. Over this past year he has had wonderful opportunities to serve with the youth group at our church and also help out at another church as they were in need of an interim youth leader. Ben loves teaching the Word of God and he is thankful for the opportunities given to him over the past year. He also is now taking courses through AHAVA Bible Institute which has stirred him a whole new fervor to study and learn all he can of God’s Word so that he can faithfully and accurately share it with others.

That about sums us up for the moment but be sure to check back for more random updates!

Family photo 2016 (March in North Dakota = 23 degree weather) credits: broken anchor photography
These here folks are a wonderful bunch of Operation Mobilizations missionaries. Left to right we have Slavik, Hensie, Stefan and Wayne.
And these here are my beautiful babies celebrating my Isagenix order!

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