After a fairly whirlwind summer, we finally find ourselves in Kagarlyk, knee-deep in our Ukrainian adventure. Having occupied ourselves overmuch in Montana, with new apartment flooring and Dickinson’s own Ukrainian festival worked into the mix, we have had roughly nine straight weeks of only mildly productive busy-ness, wherein this particular blog was left woefully untended. Sadly, that means that anyone looking to this blog as their sole source of information on the life and times of the Armstrongs Benjamin and Ashlee would be shocked to discover that we are actually in Ukraine at this very moment, and have in fact been here since August 27. “WHAT?!?!”

Now in Kagarlyk, Ukraine, granted a few quiet moments to reflect, ponder, and write, it is far overdue for us to fill in the blanks since the fundraiser and begin to share just what it is we are now discovering and experiencing and what all of this effort has finally conglomerated into.

First of all, fundraising was more than successful–thanks in no small part to some extremely talented and dedicated individuals who believed in our goal–and we are doing our best to be frugal, as we hope to leave whatever funds remain as a gift to the church and ministry that brought us here in the first place. Our jet lag has lasted more than a week, mostly due to Emersen who, through no fault of her own, is completely oblivious to our need to adjust to a time zone that is so radically different from our own (we are nine hours ahead of Dickinson). As such, we are awake most of the night and exhausted most of the day. In spite of this hardship, however, we feel blessed and honored to see firsthand what God is doing and how He is working in and through this church and ministry that we have been following from afar for almost a year.

I have not as of yet had an opportunity to sort through and prepare photos for this blog, and certainly most if not all of the process of sharing the many pictures and stories of our adventure will take place upon our return home. Tomorrow we are heading south to Odessa to meet a team that is doing a lot of work with the orphans there. This will be a two day affair, and we will have only two more days after that, which it seems will be filled with meeting some more of the church members and hopefully getting a chance to see the pyrolysis in action. As such, i must leave you merely with this briefest of updates and a promise that this blog will soon be filling up with pictures and stories of our great Ukrainian adventure. And this:

poa_ua wylie_ua

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